California Self-Generation Incentive Program

Greenhouse Gas Signal
For SGIP, marginal grid emissions are reported by balancing authority and independent system operator subregion. These grid regions represent the entity which controls grid operation within that territory. CAISO is the largest balancing authority within California and includes three subregions, the Default Load Aggregation Points (DLAPs), where marginal emissions are reported. Outside of CAISO, each subregion included in the API is a balancing authority. Utilities that are not directly listed fall into one of the outlined grid regions. To identify the grid region a project is located in, please use the second table on this page which lists the grid region for each electric utility.
Grid Region Abbreviation
CAISO Pacific Gas & Electric DLAP SGIP_CAISO_PGE
CAISO Southern California Edison DLAP SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power SGIP_LADWP
BANC Sacramento Municipal Utility District SGIP_BANC_SMUD
Balancing Authority of Northern California SGIP_BANC_P2
Imperial Irrigation District SGIP_IID
PacifiCorp West SGIP_PACW
Turlock Irrigation District SGIP_TID
Western Area Lower Colorado SGIP_WALC
To identify which grid region a project is located in, please refer to the following table, which indicates the grid region of each electric utility in California. Projects served by Community Choice Aggregators should use the grid region of the IOU they are located in.
Electric Utility Grid Region
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) SGIP_CAISO_PGE
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) SGIP_CAISO_SDGE
Southern California Edison (SCE) SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Alameda Municipal Power SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Azusa Light and Water SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Bear Valley Electric Service (BVES) SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Biggs Municipal Utilities SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Burbank Water and Power SGIP_LADWP
CCSF, Power Enterprise of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission SGIP_CAISO_PGE
City of Anaheim SGIP_CAISO_SCE
City of Banning SGIP_CAISO_SCE
City of Cerritos, Cerritos Electric Utility SGIP_CAISO_SCE
City of Corona, Department of Water and Power SGIP_CAISO_SCE
City of Healdsburg,  Electric Department SGIP_CAISO_PGE
City of Industry SGIP_CAISO_SCE
City of Lompoc, Electric Division SGIP_CAISO_PGE
City of Needles, Public Utility Authority SGIP_WALC
City of Palo Alto, Utilities Department SGIP_CAISO_PGE
City of Pittsburg, Pittsburg Power Company Island Energy SGIP_CAISO_PGE
City of Riverside, Public Utilities Department SGIP_CAISO_SCE
City of Shasta Lake SGIP_BANC_P2
City of Ukiah, Electric Utilities Division SGIP_CAISO_PGE
City of Vernon, Gas & Electric Department SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Colton Public Utilities SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Eastside Power Authority SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Glendale Water and Power SGIP_LADWP
Gridley Electric Utility SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Imperial Irrigation District (IID) SGIP_IID
Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Lassen Municipal Utility District SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Lathrop Irrigation District SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Liberty Utilities (a.k.a. CalPeco for California Pacific Electric Co.) SGIP_NVENERGY
Lodi Electric Utility SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) SGIP_LADWP
Merced Irrigation District (MeID) SGIP_TID
Modesto Irrigation District (MID) SGIP_BANC_P2
PacifiCorp SGIP_PACW
Pasadena Water and Power SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Port of Oakland SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Port of Stockton SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority (PWRPA) SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility SGIP_CAISO_SCE
Redding Electric Utility SGIP_BANC_P2
Roseville Electric SGIP_BANC_P2
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) SGIP_BANC_SMUD
Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Silicon Valley Power (SVP), City of Santa Clara SGIP_CAISO_PGE
Surprise Valley Electrification Corporation SGIP_PACW
Trinity Public Utilities District (PUD) SGIP_BANC_P2
Truckee Donner Public Utilities District SGIP_NVENERGY
Turlock Irrigation District (TID) SGIP_TID
Victorville Municipal Utilities Services SGIP_CAISO_SCE