California Self-Generation Incentive Program

Greenhouse Gas Signal
About SGIP GHG Signal

This website provides access to real-time and forecasted marginal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions data for participants in the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

Further details about SGIP itself can be found on the SGIP website. The SGIP program is implementing new GHG requirements, which are explained in the SGIP Handbook. This website provides data which will assist energy storage developers, operators, and others in implementing those rules.

GHG Signal Data

The real-time marginal GHG emissions signal is the compliance signal which will be used for SGIP project evaluation.

The marginal GHG emissions forecasts are provided to assist energy storage developers and others with planning and co-optimization of customer savings and GHG reductions.

The data points are provided via an Application Programming Interface (API), a widely used format familiar to most software developers. Visit the API Documentation page for details about how to access the data through the API. For those that don't want to use the API, historical data can also be downloaded from the Download Data page in csv format.